Wartrol Side Effects

by Gary Chambers

Wartrol side effects

Wartrol is a homeopathic (alternative-style) medication used in the treatment of genital warts. Because wartrol is one of the most popular treatments that does not require a prescription, many people have wondered what are the side effects of wartrol. On the official website they don’t really mention any side effects so we have dug in deeper and collected responses from dozens of men and women who have purchased wartrol in the last year.

We asked users to report any side effects they had with the treatment. Here is what we got in response:

  • None – 91%
  • Bad taste in mouth – 6%
  • Other (related to outbreaks) – 3%

Although side effects were reported by several users it is important to mention that since wartrol is a homeopathic treatment, theoretically there should be no wartrol side effects. The bad taste in mouth is most likely caused by the base formula (which is 20% alcohol). If you are allergic to alcohol you should not take wartrol or any other homeopathic medication. In order to provide the fastest treatment, Wartrol is administered by a single drop of concentrated formula under the tongue where there are many tiny corpuscles which act as a direct path to the blood stream. If wartrol is administered improperly, it will have to pass through your stomach before reaching the blood stream which will cause a delay in the treatment.

Please note: Taking more of the product than directed will not speed up treatment. It is important that you follow all instructions and read packaging carefully.

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If you are already a customer, please leave a comment with any wartrol side effects you have experienced throughout the duration of your treatment below.

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